Memberships & Pricing

Membership Basics

* Applicable to all memberships:

  • First and last month’s dues paid upon signing.
  • 30 days notice required to opt out
  • WA state sales tax applies to all memberships
  • One time per year $50 Club Enhancement assessment (max $100 per family)*

The West Seattle Health Club is committed to providing you with top notch programs and offerings with excellent facilities and equipment in consistently clean and safe working order. To support us in planning for and delivering upon this key promise, every member pays a once-a-year $50-dollar club enhancement fee for all memberships ($100 max per family). 100% of this enhancement fee goes into a separate club improvement fund, which is dedicated solely to club improvements that are based on member input throughout the year. Thank you for being a West Seattle Health Club member!

  • Notes: Club enhancement fee gets paid at time of signing with PIF membership.
  • Enhancement fees are paid once a year depending on when you joined. If you joined between November and April, you pay the enhancement fee in May. If you joined between May and October, your fee is billed in November.
  • The enhancement fee must be paid at the time of cancellation for Month-to-Month members who terminate their membership prior to their enhancement fee billing date.

Membership options for individuals, families & seniors

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